Quicker than a check, more convenient than carrying cash, your Visa® debit card provides enhanced purchasing power. Whether at the ATM, cash register, or purchasing online, your PriorityOne debit card offers an easy, more efficient way to pay.

Accepted worldwide, your Visa® debit card ensures smooth travels, with funds deducted directly from your checking account. Plus, PriorityOne Bank reimburses unlimited ATM fees associated with your Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Tunes checking account!

  • FREE with any PriorityOne Bank checking account
  • Use at the ATM, cash register, or purchase online; accepted worldwide
  • UNLIMITED ATM fee reimbursements with select accounts:
  • Kasasa Cash
  • Kasasa Tunes
  • Funds deducted directly from your account
  • Quicker than check-writing
  • More convenient than cash
  • Monthly statement provides summary of debit card purchases

There is a $10.00 fee to replace your lost or stolen card.


PriorityOne Bank is pleased to announce that we now have available a mobile app that allows our debit card holders to better secure and manage their debit card transactions. The SecurLOCK app gives you the ability to turn your card on and off, set up text alerts for transactions, restrict use of the card by transaction amount, transaction type, merchant type, etc...

You can also control the geographical location of where your card can be used, including tying it to your cell phone whereby your cell phone must be near the card or the transaction will be declined. There are other features as well that give the debit card holder flexibility in using only the features they want to.

Click here for an instructional guide on how to use SecurLOCK.

Click here for the full user guide