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Lost or Stolen Debit Card1

  • During banking hours, call (601) 849-2188 or (866) 829-4449
  • Calling within the U.S. — (800) 500-1044 


  • Automated Card Activation Service — New Cards (new card number): (866)-633-5293

Audio PIN Change

  • Calling within the U.S. — (866) 633-5293
  • Calling outside the U.S. (International) — (770) 248-5774

Lost or Stolen Credit Card

  • Call TCM Bank N.A. Customer Service at (800) 883-0131 

Card Safety

For information on fraud and how to avoid it and/or report it:

1There is a $10.00 fee to replace your lost or stolen debit card.

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Safety First: An Internet Security Overview

View Cyber Monday and Online Shopping Season: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself.

Concerned about the Equifax breach? See our FAQ to learn more about the breach and how to protect yourself.

Like most bank websites, is divided into two sections. The public, non-transactional section that may be accessed by anyone, and the private, secure online banking section that may only be accessed by customers of the bank with a User ID and Password. Once you're logged into the secure online banking section of our website, "https" in the address bar of the browser and a closed padlock at the bottom of the browser will signal that you have a secure, encrypted connection and may safely transact business. 

What is encryption?

Simply put, encryption ensures the privacy of information exchanged between your computer (browser) and our servers by scrambling (encrypting) that information for transmission and deciphering it upon receipt. 

How does encryption work?

  • Your browser establishes a secure session with our server, once you have entered a valid User ID and Password at our online banking page.
  • Using a protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption, your secure session is authenticated by the exchange of public and private keys.
  • Keys are a random sequence of numbers assigned for each session. Once the keys have been exchanged for a session, these numbers are used to encrypt and decrypt messages transmitted between your browser and our server for the duration of that session.
  • The SSL protocol does more than ensure your privacy; it also prevents other websites from impersonating our online banking website. 

What is 128-bit encryption?

The secure, online banking section of our website utilizes 128-bit encryption, the highest level of security currently available to protect Internet communications. 

Here's a helpful way to think about encryption. The numbers generated for encryption keys are comparable to a series of combination locks. The more locks you have, and the more possible combinations of locks you have, the more difficult it becomes to decrypt the message. Compared to 40-bit encryption, the previous standard, 128-bit encryption offers 88 additional bits of key length and a far more secure online banking experience.

Cyber security and identity security resources and information:

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Check Buy-Back Program

When you open a PriorityOne checking account, you can receive up to $25 for the debit card and checks from your previous bank. Contact any branch for details. 

Reorder Checks

To reorder your checks, please visit our partner site, Harland Clarke.

Credit Reports

Request your credit report and receive it within seconds online.

Routing Number

The routing number for PriorityOne Bank is 065302303

Teller Services

  • Official checks
  • Fax service
  • Money orders 

Visa® Gift Cards

Give the gift of cash without counting bills. Purchase a Visa® gift card for your next special occasion.

Wire Transfers

Instructions for Domestic Incoming Wires: 

Receiving Financial Institution: First National Banker's Bank

Receiving FI Routing Number: 0654-0337-0

Beneficiary Financial Institution: PriorityOne Bank

Beneficiary FI Routing Number/Account Number: 065302303

Beneficiary - POB Customer Name and Account #

Instructions for International Incoming Wires:

Incoming International Wires are wire transfers from foreign financial institutions that are transferred through the SWIFT network rather than through the Federal Reserve Bank, and are deposited into FNBB Inc.'s correspondent account for PriorityOne Bank. 

Are funds being sent in US dollars?

Does the bank sending the funds use a US Correspondent Bank to fund wires to the US?

To: F N B B

SWIFT: F R N A U S 4 4

For Credit To: PriorityOne Bank 0 6 5 3 0 2 3 0 3 (Account/RT No.)

For Further Credit To: Beneficiary name and account number at beneficiary bank.


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