Helpful Tips on Avoiding Overdraft and Bounced-Check Fees

In order to assist customers in the prevention of costly overdraft and bounced-check fees, PriorityOne Bank would like to offer you some helpful, common sense suggestions, as well as make you aware of automated mechanisms you should consider putting in place that may help you avoid these financial pitfalls.

  • Keep track of your checking account — Record all of your account transactions; know the current balance in your account. Make sure you have enough money in your account to cover purchases and other withdrawals.
  • Monitor your checking account balance via telephone, computer or mobile device — Use PriorityOne Telephone Banking, our 24-hour, automated telephone banking system, to check the balance in your account at any time. Simply call 1-800-748-1705 or 601-849-6624 in Simpson County. You may also enroll in PriorityOne online banking in order to keep an eye on your checking account balance via a computer. Once you're enrolled in online banking, you can access PriorityOne mobile banking, which will enable you to monitor your checking account balance on your smart phone or text-enabled mobile phone from virtually anywhere. All three of these services are free to customers with a PriorityOne checking account.
  • Receive an electronic alert of a low checking account balance — Like a low fuel light on an automobile, you can set up automated alerts in PriorityOne online banking that immediately let you know when your checking account balance drops below a preset amount. Through online banking, you may choose to have a low balance alert sent to you via email or text.
  • Set up an auto-transfer of funds when a pre-determined, minimum checking balance is passed — Pre-arrange for an automatic transfer of a preset amount of funds from one of your other PriorityOne accounts (checking or savings) into your checking account when its balance falls below a certain amount. This may be accomplished by visiting any PriorityOne Bank location.
  • Establish an overdraft line of credit — Stop by any PriorityOne Bank location and apply for an overdraft line of credit that will automatically be triggered in the event of an overdraft. Normal credit underwriting guidelines apply.

We encourage you to consider implementing one or more of these practical suggestions. Please contact us by phone or visit any of our branch offices to obtain more information on protecting yourself from overdraft and bounced check fees.

Protecting yourself from overdraft and bounced check fees

Guide to preventing and managing overdraft fees (PDF)