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Assistance For Our Customers During COVID-19

PriorityOne Bank is committed to working closely with our customers and the communities we serve. This means listening to their needs and identifying meaningful ways we can be of assistance. To make this difficult time easier for the people and businesses we serve, PriorityOne Bank will make available the following assistance:1

  • Penalty-free CD withdrawals2
  • Loan payment deferrals and extensions with no extension fees3,4
  • Suspending initiation of new repossessions of automobiles and other vehicles for 30 days
  • Suspending new residential property foreclosures on consumer real estate loans for 30 days

Please call your local lender to discuss payment or assistance options related to personal loans, home equity loans and business loans.

1 All assistance is available for a limited time, may be subject to other exclusions and restrictions, and is subject to change or withdrawal without notice, all in the sole and absolute discretion of PriorityOne Bank. Unless otherwise noted, assistance will become available March 23, 2020.
2 The no-penalty offer allows customers to make one partial or complete withdrawal without penalty. The penalty-free withdrawal must be made more than ten days after the issue date or the most recent renewal date (whichever is later). Any other withdrawals will be subject to penalties.
3 The terms of any payment deferral or extension will be disclosed to the customer at the time of the request.
4 Effective as of March 23, 2020